the key to success: CONTINUal GROWTH AND LEARNING

the key to success: CONTINUal GROWTH AND LEARNING

the key to success: CONTINUal GROWTH AND LEARNING the key to success: CONTINUal GROWTH AND LEARNING

About Us

Life In Quarters

Life In Quarters™, LLC  is a leadership development consultancy. Tanya Smith, Founder and CEO, assists our clients with finding their "true north."  She inspires people to move forward and upward by using resources that can be immediately applied. These resources help unleash hidden talents, sharpen skills, gain clarity and change the mindset so both personal and professional goals can be reached.

Individuals, companies and organizations are equipped with various learning systems, tools, and methodologies that Life In Quarters, LLC uses to empower clients to "achieve goals, one quarter at a time."  

Living your life is about discovering who you are. Living to lead is about taking the leadership journey and discovering how to be a better leader, positively impact, and add value to others. Living your Life In Quarters, is a useful approach for creating clearly defined goals, developing a strategic plan, maintaining oversight, and making the necessary adjustments so you are able to live your desired life.

Many external connections in life operate, determine or measure success through use of a quarterly system.  For example, financial markets and business industries use quarterly reports for their analysis; learning institutions developed a quarter system to divide the academic year; supervisors conduct quarterly performance reviews to evaluate employees; and... even a few of the most watched sports are played in quarters.  So, why not consider shifting your mindset to living your life in quarters to grow yourself, review your plans, evaluate your progress and make the necessary adjustments that will guide you towards achieving your goals and living your desired life?

Learning how to lead “self” first and confidently navigate your personal and professional growth path is essential for your success. It also increases your leadership effectiveness so you can train, develop, coach and inspire those around you to grow themselves and the organization.


Tanya's mentor, John Maxwell, who is a world renowned leadership expert, has added valuable resources to her toolkit and taught her how to apply the same lessons he teaches his corporate clients like Microsoft, Delta Airlines and Chick-Fil-A.

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Growing yourself gives you the tools you need to become your future desired self. Increasing your leadership effectiveness level helps you to successfully grow others and organizations.

Tanya Smith has skills as a Trainer, High Performance Coach, and Speaker. She can help you along your journey of self-discovery, development, success and becoming significant.

"Success is when I add value to myself. Significance is when I add value to others."  

                       John C. Maxwell 


A Philosophy for the Future

We are only limited by the things that we allow in our lives to limit us. The keys to success and productivity are already in our pocket. 

Along the path of our growth journey, we will find that we will need help with using our keys to unlock what lies inside of us so we can move forward and upward.


    "Achieving Goals,      

One Quarter At A Time"